I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Vancouver Island.  While there I visited Victoria and was reminded of the inspiration for including such a trip in my second Hometown Harbor book, HOME BLOOMS.  The Butchart Gardens are breathtaking and full of gorgeous colors.  If you don’t have it on your bucket list, you need to make room!

I even had dinner in the famous Bengal Lounge at the Empress Hotel, which was yummy and fun.  The trip on the ferry brought back memories of my trips to the San Juan Islands where the idea of the Hometown Harbor Series and Sam’s story came to me.  I was so close to the San Juans I could see them!

The last month has been packed with busy activities.  In April I attended a great writing conference in Las Vegas and learned so much.  This past week I had a fun book signing event at Fallon’s newest hot spot~Jo’s Stillwater Tea Room.  We had a huge crowd and sold out of my new book, KILLER MUSIC! 

Now it’s time to get back to work...no more conferences, fun trips, or events.  The good news is, I’ve started my fourth book in the series and while on my Canadian excursion, I figured out Coop’s next case for the second book in my private detective series.  Now, I just need to find time to write them both.

If you’ve visited Victoria or Vancouver Island, I’d love to hear some of your favorites.  I think the gardens are definitely mine!

Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day and in the rush, please remember those who have served and sacrificed for our freedom.

This week KILLER MUSIC will be released on Tuesday.  To celebrate there is a Kindle Countdown Deal on Amazon for the first and second book in the Hometown Harbor Series.  Starting on April 9th and just for the weekend, HOME BLOOMS is 99cents  and FINDING HOME will also be 99cents on April 9 and 10 (eBooks only).  If you haven't yet read them, it's a great time to get started on the series and save some money.  Tell your friends!!

I'm also on several blogs this month talking about KILLER MUSIC.  I'll link them on Facebook when they're posted and live.  Lots of fun interviews and features with the book.
  My thanks to the book bloggers for their hospitality and interest.

On April 15th I'll be in Carson City at Capital Coffee for a book signing and will have my new book with me.  Stop by from 10:30-1:30 and say hello.  I'm also working on a book signing in Fallon at Jo's Stillwater Tea Room in May.  I'll have more details soon.

Let me know what you think of KILLER MUSIC~I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear from you.  Remember to "like" my Facebook page to keep up with the latest news.  Hope you enjoy the Easter weekend with family and friends.

The back cover copy for Killer Music is finished and I wanted to share it with you.  I just received my manuscript back from my editor and she loved it!  As soon as I have a release date, I'll post it.  Let me know if this one sounds like something you'd enjoy.

When private detective Cooper “Coop” Harrington meets record label mogul Grayson Taylor at a swank gathering of country music artists and politicians he never imagines he’ll be investigating his brutal murder less than twenty-four hours later.
The suspects are plentiful. More than a handful of people could have wanted him dead. Retained by Taylor’s widow, Coop works alongside his best friend and Chief of Detectives, Ben Mason. The investigation leads Coop and Ben to visit the luxurious mansions of recording industry magnates, navigate the murky undercurrents of the political world, and probe complicated family matters. Scandalous indiscretions, secrets, and hints of corruption swirl in the midst of their pursuit of the killer.

Coop’s faithful friend and assistant, Annabelle and his loyal golden retriever, Gus, both lend a hand during the investigation. Even his Aunt Camille mines the local gossip mill to unearth potential killers with motive. Yet the case seems hopeless until a crucial piece of evidence emerges that sends Coop and Ben on a race to catch the killer before someone else dies.

This past week I finished my new novel, Killer Music and it’s now with my editor.  If all goes as planned, I hope to release it in April or May.  It’s a different genre, with the main character, Cooper “Coop” Harrington, a private detective in Nashville.  It was fun, but challenging to write in this genre.  Part of the fun is thinking of how to kill people and what clues to leave behind.  Thrillers are my favorite type of novel to read and I’d love to write one.  What’s your favorite genre?

To celebrate, of course, I read a couple of books…The Dark Tide by Andrew Gross is excellent as is The Orphan Train.  I’ve also been keeping up with Downton Abbey and a few of my other favorite shows.  I think things at Downton are a bit boring this season and we’re almost at the end, so not much hope for livening it up this time around.

I’m working with my designer to come up with a cover for the novel, which is one of my favorite things to do when getting ready to publish.  I’m also getting ready to attend the Las Vegas Writer’s Conference in April.  I’m hoping to learn lots and meet some new authors while I’m there.

Don’t forget, April 15th (in honor of Tax Day-NOT), I’m doing a book signing in Carson City at Capital Coffee.  They have graciously agreed to carry my books in their shop all the time, but I’ll be there to sign copies and visit from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on April 15th.  Hope to see some of you there, especially my old friends from the Legislature!

I’ll be back in touch to reveal the cover soon and plan to start on the fourth novel in the Hometown Harbor Series.  If you’re a fan of the series, I’d love to hear the character you’d most like featured in the fourth book. I also need some reviews to market the series, so if you've read the second or third book and enjoyed them, please leave a quick review for me. 

Thanks to all the readers who attended my book signing at the Red Zinnia this past week.  It was fun to visit with all of you and enjoy treats of the season.

I just learned something about Amazon I wanted to share.  You can choose to “follow” an author on her Amazon Author Page and will be notified of new releases.  Navigating to my author page is easy, just click my name and you’ll go to a page with all my books and you’ll see a yellow “Follow” button on the left side. So, please consider following me on Amazon and while you’re there I’d appreciate a review of the second the third books, if you haven’t done one yet.

I’m always looking for more “likes” on my Facebook page and that is yet another way to keep track of what I’m doing and when a new book will be released.  I’m trying to learn to like Twitter and understand how it can be as useful as proclaimed.  If you’re into Twitter, I’d love to hear from you and have you follow me.  Facebook is easier and more useful to me, but alas, I do tweet occasionally.  All the ways to connect with me are on my website~look for the buttons in the upper right.

I’m grateful for all of my readers and so enjoy hearing from you.  I’ve had the excitement of receiving a few emails from readers across the country this year and each time I get one it makes my day!  I took December off to enjoy the holidays, but plan to be back writing on my new detective novel in January.  I’ve been reading lots of books during my downtime and my favorite is the new one from David Baldacci. 

I also plan another release in the Hometown Harbor Series next year.  I’d love to hear your ideas about the next book in the series.  Here’s hoping you find some time for reading during the coming busy weeks of holiday celebrations.  Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas.

Saturday I’ll be featured on A Blue Million Books and look forward to hearing what you think of The Dirty Dozen interview questions I did with blogger and author, Amy Metz.  She asked some toughies, but it was fun.  Take the time to check out her blog; she does a terrific job of promoting authors and books and writes her own wonderful novels.

I attended our annual tree lighting last night and posted a picture of my hometown tree.  It’s always a fun event and this year so much warmer than most, plus we were treated to fireworks!

I had a great response to the release of A Promise of Home and the promotion I ran for my other two books.  I’m looking for more reviews on Amazon, so if you’ve enjoyed any of the books, I’d be grateful if you took the time to leave a positive review.  It’s always fun to hear from readers who enjoy the series.

Speaking of the new book, I’ll be signing and chatting at the Red Zinnia on December 17th from 5:00-7:30 p.m.  If you’re in town, I hope you stop to visit and have a yummy treat.

Hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season as much as I am.  I’ve been making cookies and candy, wrapping presents, and enjoying the wonderful Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel.  I hope you take time out to enjoy the best parts of the season and by all means settle in and read a great book!

My new book, A Promise of Home, releases on November 21.  To celebrate, the first two e-books in the series will be on sale for 99 cents from November 20-24.  Consider gifting the first two books to someone special this season.  Amazon makes it easy to send an e-book as a gift.

With Thanksgiving only two weeks away, I’ve been making my list and checking out a few new recipes.  One of my favorite recipe blogs is the Brown Eyed Baker.  She has some great recipes and two irresistible golden retrievers she features on Fridays.  If you enjoy cooking and baking, check her out.

I always seem to cook too much food, but love the leftovers that come with the big dinner.  I’m trying to decide on pie flavors~lemon meringue, pumpkin, berry, and apple are my choices and I’d like to get it down to two, but it may not happen.  What’s your favorite? 

Whether you’re traveling to visit family or cooking up your own culinary delights, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  Make sure and squeeze in a little time between eating, cooking, and shopping to read the new book ~it’ll help get you in the mood for Christmas!

**I’ll be at the Red Zinnia on December 17th from 5:00-7:30 p.m. for a book signing**

Just in time for holiday gifts, A Promise of Home will release on November 21, 2014.  The electronic version is available for pre-order now on Amazon.  I’m also finalizing an event in Fallon to kick-off the latest book where print copies will be available for purchase and it might happen before the release date!

I absolutely love the cover for the new book!  My cover designer, Kari at Cover to Cover Designs, does a fabulous job.  I am especially fond of the cute puppy with the Santa hat.  This book has some twists and surprises to keep the reader entertained.  I love Christmas and releasing a book with a touch of a holiday theme is rewarding. 

I’ve also updated my website with book club discussion questions for all three books.  Look for the page titled “Books and Resources”.  SPOILER ALERT~Don’t read them until you’ve read the books!

Please help pass the word about my books to your friends and family.  If you’re on Facebook, please “Like” and share my page at https://www.facebook.com/tammylgrace.books. As always, I’d appreciate positive reviews on Amazon.

I’ll post more as soon as I have the details about my book signing in Fallon and also be on the lookout for discount e-books at Amazon to celebrate the release of A Promise of Home.  The first two e-books will be on a sale for a few days starting November 20th.

PictureSt. Helena in Napa Valley
I’m sharing another photo from my trip to Napa~they’re just too pretty to keep to myself!  I’m thrilled to report I finished up the third book in the Hometown Harbor Series this past week.  A PROMISE OF HOME will be released in November and it has a touch of Christmas, so it’ll be a perfect read for the holiday season.

I’ll be in Minden at the Douglas County Library on October 15th.  They’re hosting an Author Day and I’ll be joining about fifteen other authors.  Minden is gorgeous this time of year, so if you’re looking for something fun to do, drive over to meet some Nevada authors.  The event runs from 4:30-6:30 p.m.  I’ve conned my mom into coming with me and she’s excited to meet author Todd Borg from Lake Tahoe.

Look for another fun local event to celebrate the launch of A Promise of Home.  I’ll have more details soon.  My cover should be done in the next week or two and I’m excited to share it with you.

I heard from a reader from New York this week and she made my day.  She told me how much she liked my books and was happy to know about the third one coming out soon.  She’s putting it on her Christmas list. 

I’m always looking to build my platform, so please share my Facebook, Twitter, and website with your friends.  The weather is gorgeous here, so get out and enjoy it this week!

PictureView from Rombauer Vineyards in St. Helena
I took a trip to Napa Valley recently and was able to watch some of the harvest activities.  The weather was gorgeous, as was the scenery.  I’ve also been picking berries and making jam and doing all those fun fall activities.

I’m especially excited to have something new to watch on television.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting the return of some of my favorites and the launch of some interesting new shows.  So, this week I’ve been recording LOTS! 

So far, my favorite new show is Forever.  The main character reminds me a little of Sherlock Holmes.  The biggest disappointment of the week has been NCIS:  New Orleans.  I’ve always liked Scott Bakula, but as much as I wanted to like the new show, it just isn’t doing it for me.  New Orleans is not a locale I’m excited about and it seems the show is trying too hard to showcase the city instead of the storyline.  I’ll keep watching a few more times, but it needs to get better before I allocate precious DVR time and space.

I enjoyed the premier of The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, and Nashville this week and can’t wait to see what happens on Revenge and Castle.  It’s going to be a good couple of weeks where all the cliffhangers are resolved.

In between all my television viewing, I’m wrapping up my third book in the Hometown Harbor Series~A Promise of Home.  My cover designer plans to have my cover done in early October, so watch for the reveal.  The book will launch in November this year~just in time for holiday shopping.

Enjoy the first weeks of fall and let me know what shows you’re watching~I don’t want to miss anything good.